The bike

The bike has many advantages over its competitors. It was designed from a clean sheet specifically for heavy urban use in a public bike system. Which is why it incorporates a host of safety, security and handling features, and why it comes with a 5-year guarantee.


  1. Aluminum frame - light, strong, durable.
  2. One-piece handlebar covers and protects all components.
  3. All cables and derailleur covered for better protection.
  4. Chain protector integrated into bike structure.
    • Protects chain
    • Prevents riders clothing from getting wedged in the chain
    • Protects riders against dirt, grease and debris
    • Increases structural integrity of entire frame

Other Features

  1. Active lighting - front and back, always on when riding.
  2. Front and rear internal brakes for greater safety.
  3. Adjustable seat positioning - standardized through entire fleet of bikes.
  4. Suitable for a wide range of riders.
  5. Low center of gravity for greater stability.
  6. Tires - made for the urban jungle.